A penduline tit nest

Eurasian penduline tit nest

Walking along the bed of the river Llobregat we found this lovely nest. We could not see  its tenant, a penduline tit (Remiz pendulinus) or pájaro moscón in Spanish. This bird builds an elaborate hanging nest, used in Central Europe as children’s slippers in the past. To build its nests uses thin branches, spider webs, animal or vegetal fibers, spider webs, seeds, etc.


Male blackbird feeding chick in Barcelona

Video recorded from our living room in Poble Sec.

Last year, 2014, the pair of blackbirds raised a quite remarkable 4 broods of chicks. It was normally the male in charge of feeding them on our balcony, and sometimes he even came with the four chicks at the same time – we never had the camera handy though.

We know now that you should remove the plastic net from the food balls, which they devour by the way.